Today leading companies are defined by their ability to make intelligent and fast decisions based on a mountain of well-managed data. In that enormous quantity of data, transformative clues on the business and its clients are hidden. These clues can help identify new revenue streams, improve customer experience and reduce business costs.

The ultimate outcome of ACTION DATA projects is to facilitate the linking and processing of information from data in order to provide valuable and legible information in the form of extremely innovative patterns and interpretation models.

Using our ACTION DATA models we have gained significant experience with national and international clients and we are able to operate on all the main markets.

Big Data has become useful, if not necessary for some of our clients. Particularly in the Automotive, Finance & Insurance, Utilities, Transport, GDO and Manufacturing industries.


This has an impact on our expertise; in fact, the consolidated skills on relational databases, associated with the Business Intelligence and ETL tools, have been the substrate for the new NoSQL databases, the new inferential statistics methodologies combined with new descriptive, predictive and prescriptive models.

The last consideration was the evolution of the “data scientist”, a professional capable of combining software programming, statistical and investigative skills to extract those gold nuggets from mountains of data.

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