India, part of a group of nations (called BRICS) that share some similar characteristics: a fast-growing economy, a large population, a vast territory and abundant strategic natural resources. The last few decades have transformed India to a global launch pad fot IT. India is now emerging as the hub for “Digital Skills”. In fact, the Indian IT industry has more than 17,000 firms, of which over 1,000 are large firms with over 50 delivery locations in the country.  Indian IT industry employed 205,000 new hires and had 884,000 digitally skilled talent in 2019 and the country spends $ 1.6 billions annualy on training workforce in the IT sector.

Kerala is a federal state of southern India. Blessed with unique natural beauty and traditional industries like coir, handloom, Khadi, bamboo-based handicrafts, artisanal as well as cottage industries.  It occupies a narrow strip on the south-western coast of the country and it can boast a very high literacy and schooling rate (over 90%). The State of Kerala has always been a forerunner among the states of India in the adoption of ICT for enabling smoother functioning of the business community, as it is ideally suited for such a densely populated state, having vast multitude of highly qualified and experienced human resources, uniformly spread across the state. This state, with its high quality of life index and social infrastructure development, is a launch pad for economic development and growth. Established players are now exhibiting interest in exploring destinations like Kochi, with the objective of acquiring qualified personal and minimising costs.

Kochi, one of the main cities of Kerala, with its over 1 million inhabitants, has rapidly passed, within two decades, from an economy based on tourism and fishing to an economy based on technology and commercial exchanges, exploiting the maritime infrastructure and becoming one of the most important ports in India.  Renowned for the most popular tourist destination, for both domestic and international visitors, it is also known as the business capital of Kerala with special economic zones for IT.

For example, Info Park is spread over 260 acres of campus, housing 450 companies which employ more than 50,000 professionals as of 2020. SmartCity is another information technology special economic zone in Kochi and it’s spread over an area of 246 acres. These areas are at the core of Kochi’s development and are areas with a strong commercial connotation. In addition to the new maritime hub, one of the largest and most technological in the region, they boast top-level office centers located in an ideal position, thanks to the excellent air, sea and rail connectivity to and from all the cities of India and the main international destinations.

Indian IT’s core competencies and strengths have attracted ACTION ICT to open a new indian head office at the Alfa Horizon office center. This beautiful office center, designed and built according to very high international construction standards, has three towers of 13 floors each, with 570,000 square feet of built up space on over 5,3 acres of land. These towers, although of considerable size, cover only a small portion, while the rest is a magnificent landscaped garden. The exterior facades are covered with glass and aluminum panels, to allow excellent insulation and also a breathtaking panoramic view of the Arabian Sea.

With over 1,000 car park spaces (available on three levels), spacious atrium and lobby in each tower, food courts, fitness center with swimming pool, conference halls, best banking facilities, travel desk, high-speed elevators, energy efficient air conditioning to all office spaces, this center is similar to the best international office complexes.

Our staff has remarkable professionalism and they have high skills in the field of software design and development, with over 10 years of International experience working with Italian Banks and Insurance companies in Italy. Particularly in J2EE, JPA and other Java related technologies, also in customizable ERP and CRM. The new team members possess experience in leading DMS Alfresco, building high-end web apps and top notch websites. ACTION ICT plans to tap into Big Data, Machine Learning, Intelligent Apps and Artificial Intelligence.

Now I would like to thank all the staff of our office at Kochi, because he has spent time and effort for the perfect organization of the opening of the new office, and to congratulate on the important business objectives achieved, a sure proof of further interesting developments.

നല്ലത് വരട്ടെ  – Good luck – In bocca al lupo


ACTION ICT   (July 2020)


ACTION ICT is a young, dynamic and innovative IT company. It operates, both nationally and internationally, offering professional skills and design solutions in the ICT field to medium and large businesses. Our highly skilled know-how is housed in three expertise specific departments: ACTION DATA (Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence), ACTION APP (Web & Mobile Application) and ACTION IOT (Internet of Things and Robotics).

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