One of our clients is an important Italian FinTech company doing business for 30 years, they have branches and firms in 30 countries and have customers in more than 50 countries. Our client specializes in credit and business information; they offer their services to banks, financial institutions, and business clients as well as consumers.

Thanks to their services and solutions they are able to speed up the business decision process for their customers, prevent fraud and process optimization, which has earned great satisfaction from their customers.

It’s very easy imagining that a big company like our client always must improve and evolve their process and keep up to date their software as well as infrastructures with the latest technologies.

Serving customers worldwide, they engage in several customizations and project development simultaneously. We provide them different teams in order to help them with their projects to design and develop as well as manage projects helping our client to reach their goals.

As expressed on various occasions by our CEO, Walter Carallo: “ACTION ICT is proud to help its customers to transform and improve their activities, with our best talents”.

For this client, ACTION ICT has been involved in several phases of some important projects, the main objective of which was the re-engineering of the loan and mortgage solution software to manage loans application from start to payout.

The professional contribution of our functional analysts and software engineers has contributed immensely to the success of our client’s projects.

For tech enthusiasts, the project architecture was RESTful web application based on Java Spring Framework (Boot MVC Security) on the other hand on front-end we used an AngularJS application and rendering performance part of the application was written in ReactJS.

We want to thank our clients for the trust they have shown in our services and to our employees who have always managed to transform the customer’s goals from ideas to reality with professionalism and enthusiasm.



ACTION ICT is a young, dynamic and innovative IT company. It operates, both nationally and internationally, offering professional skills and design solutions in the ICT field to medium and large businesses. Our highly skilled know-how is housed in three expertise specific departments: ACTION DATA (Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence), ACTION APP (Web & Mobile Application) and ACTION IOT (Internet of Things and Robotics).

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