According to the primary purpose, we can divide the tools available today into the following classes:

Aggregators – They collect and organize data, both from business and especially from external sources, so that they can be used by business users for their work. Many suppliers also add data management, cleaning and enrichment services. These solutions are especially necessary for companies that want to enter new or unknown markets, need to manage various types of big data, for example internal ‘dirty’ data  (redundant, equivocal, uncertain …), or whose customer data structure presents uncovered areas.

Enrichers – Enhance and complete the data-base relating to marketing and sales activities with elements from different sources, mainly feeds and clickstreams collected by the Web and social networks. Many tools pre-process the data to obtain information aimed at the needs of the company-user and tend to enter the field of real analysis. These tools should be considered by those who want to refine market segmentation, make direct marketing with personalized messages and (in business-to-business) interact with specific customers.

Modellers – Apply to the data algorithms that highlight the patterns and compare them to probability criteria (the rules by which an event can be estimated to occur) so that predictive models can be built. The problem with these solutions is that they are often made by start-ups whose technology (and fate) can change in the short term. They are therefore suitable for companies that are already quite experienced in digital marketing data analysis that need to fill gaps in their demand management.

(From “Come fare big data analysis e ottenere valore per le aziende” –

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