PROJECTS & PARTNERSHIPS: e-commerce in Large Retail Chains

One of our main customers is an Italian company operating in the large retail chains market. It boasts over a hundred points of sale (supermarkets, hypermarkets and superstores) and it is present on the territory of northern and central Italy. Founded in the late fifties of the last century, it can currently be considered one of the leaders of the Italian market.

Companies like these have one of their best tools in marketing. In fact, much of their success is based not only on the search for the quality of the products offered, but also on the construction and maintenance of a relationship of trust with their customers. This relationship must always be cultivated and expanded through continuous elements of novelty and interest: loyalty cards, gadgets for anniversaries, detailed flyers of the offers, discounts and personalized promotions, points collections with prize catalog, glossy cooking magazines and competitions with prizes to extraction.

The recent digitization phase has made everything more efficient, making these marketing tools accessible and usable by everyone, thanks to the use of the web and apps, that can be downloaded to consumer smartphones and tablets.

Since continuous innovation is a pillar of their business model, this company has for some years also entered the e-commerce sector, becoming one of the main Italian online shopping sites.

Their goal is to make online shopping as simple as possible: you browse the product categories (like in the supermarket aisles), choose the products (like on the shelves), put them in the cart, buy and then decide how to collect them. In fact, the shopping can be delivered directly to the consumer’s home, or picked up at a specific point of sale (also through special lockers) or even be loaded onto your car, by special staff, to reduce time and direct contact (and in period of viral contagion, this is not secondary).

To do this, in front of the online order, it is necessary to manage both the internal picking of the goods (picking) and the optimization of the routes for the delivery of the shopping (delivering).

ACTION ICT is proud to have contributed to the realization of these two aspects, working to the synergistic integration between these two different application worlds.

The competence and experience of our staff have allowed the client company to respect the priorities and times foreseen for this important functional and application integration project.

For technology enthusiasts, we can mention that we worked in Java, using two different databases (Oracle* and Microsoft SQL Server*), integrated via web services and ODI (Oracle Data Integrator*).

After thanking the customer for the trust placed in ACTION ICT, we consider necessary to reserve a special recognition to our employees who, working side by side with their staff, have shared difficulties and satisfactions, always having the same identical objective: the final success of the project.



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