PROJECTS & PARTNERSHIPS: Supply Chain in the Large Retail Market

Let’s return to the topic of Large Retail Chain, giving some indications on a strategic sector for all the companies in this market: The Supply Chain.

Our client a large retailer isn’t exempted, he has to manage a wide range of products, made up of thousands of industrial brands and additional own brands. They have large warehouses which regularly supplies to the stores and points of sale which are located in different areas of the northern italian region.

In order to ensure quality, freshness, attention to product presentation, our client has always believed in optimizing back-end processes, in the knowledge that a valid supply chain system can make more competitive the supply and distribution of goods at the points of sale.

Their traditional logistics system, created with centralized IT technologies and based on mainframe infrastructures, has always made an excellent contribution to the uniqueness and consistency of the managed data, operational continuity and performance efficiency.

Since innovation is a pillar of their business model, this client wanted to activate a process of modernization of the logistics procedures, based on new IT supply chain applications, with the aim of better managing the growth of references by article, the more and more products, the punctual supply of all the points of sale and the innovative omnichannel.

IT changes of this magnitude, affecting the company vital sectors, must be addressed using consolidated methodologies and qualified personnel.

In addition, the approach must always be gradual and pragmatic, starting from the smallest warehouses, optimizing and testing all the features and customizations, as envisaged by the project and as required by the larger warehouses with greater complexity.

Particular care must also be taken in the software verification, in Quality environment, where to carry out the testing and validation phases in order to avoid errors and software regressions. We also remind you that the deployment phase must always be accompanied by adequate training sessions for the personnel involved, since each change always involves some user’s problems and an understanding of the procedures and the usability of the applications are elements that minimize possible negative risk.

ACTION ICT is proud to contribute to the realization of this evolutionary modernization process, working with our own IT staff, side by side with the client.

Competence and professionalism have been put at the client’s service to respect deadlines and priorities, as required by this important change management project.


ACTION ICT (July 2020)

ACTION ICT is a young, dynamic and innovative IT company. It operates, both nationally and internationally, offering professional skills and design solutions in the ICT field to medium and large businesses. Our highly skilled know-how is housed in three expertise specific departments: ACTION DATA (Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence), ACTION APP (Web & Mobile Application) and ACTION IOT (Internet of Things and Robotics).

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