Continuing the topic of the last blog, I would like to draw attention to the spread and maturity of Big Data Analytics projects in Italian SMEs (companies with 10 to 250 employees).

From the research of the Dipartimento di Ingegneria Gestionale del Politecnico di Milano, we obtain a fairly precise framework with which to divide the Italian SMEs according to the activities undertaken in 2019:

No initiative (38%): almost 4 out of 10 companies are not yet investing in Analytics. Half of these do not perceive any advantage from systematically processing their data, while the other half perceives a certain value for their business, but for now does not intend to invest in this area;

Enabling investments (4%): 4 out of 100 companies are investing with the sole purpose of integrating the internal data, at their disposal, with the further objective of approaching any new projects in the near future;

Descriptive analysis (18%): almost 30% of SMEs, of those that invest in Analytics, show some maturity in the development of descriptive analysis and data integration projects, not only internal data but also external data to the company. In addition, the investment in basic training on the analysis of data addressed to its employees is increasing;

Predictive analysis (40%): over 6 companies out of 10, of those that invest in Analitycs, developed, in 2019, advanced predictive analysis projects, often also using Machine Learning algorithms. These companies, in half of the cases, rely completely on external skills.

The Italian panorama, described above in statistical terms, shows us a picture made up of both lights and shadows. The shadow is limited to the fact that the Italian small and medium-sized company, in 40% of cases, has not yet implemented any type of planning in this area. The lights are the other 60% of companies, which have rolled up their sleeves, almost always carrying out descriptive analysis projects and, in 40% of cases, arriving at predictive analysis using interesting Machine Learning algorithms.

The painful notes are: there is a generalized difficulty in finding the skills, these skills are mainly external to the company and this fact leads to delays in terms of project maturity and governance of the projects themselves.

In this regard, we like to remind you that ACTION ICT, through its specialized ACTION DATA division, has provided and provided skills, to some of our medium clients, in the projects related to the Big Data Analitycs area.


ACTION ICT is a young, dynamic and innovative IT company. It operates, both nationally and internationally, offering professional skills and design solutions in the ICT field to medium and large clients. Our areas of excellence are covered by three of our competence centers: ACTION DATA (Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence), ACTION APP (Web & Mobile Application) and ACTION IOT (Internet of Things and Robotics).

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